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MNE211 Week 7 Lab 1. Delete both the DC and the Client from the DHCP Lab. 2. Make 2 copies of the fresh image 3. One will be a server, the other a client. For the server, add a 2 nd hard drive of roughly 15gb. 4. Promote one server to a DC for the domain 5. Setup DHCP on the DC with a scope for a total of 10 addresses. 6. Fire up the client and make sure it pulls an IP from DHCP. 7. Once the client has a valid IP from DHCP, join it to the domain. 8. Create 5 separate shares from the root of C: on both the Server & the Client (this is a big no- no, but for this lab set the permission for everyone for these shares)
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Unformatted text preview: You may name these Share1-Share10 to make things easy. 9. Create 2 simple text documents per share per machine (20 total – 10 per machine) 10. Enable shadow copies to run on those shared folders for both machines. – set a schedule that will run every day during a time that no one will be on site. Be sure to configure this properly. 11. Install the Windows Server Backup feature and configure a schedule that will back up daily, also during a time that will not interfere with user’s work times. Set this up on both the server....
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