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Unformatted text preview: M N E211 Week 8 Lab 1. Rename your two systems in the format of fi rst ini tial, last name, then one for DC and one for Client. 2. Run DC Promo on the machine that you have named DC. 3. Once DC Promo has run, join the Client to the domain 4. Create 3 new OUs – One for Boston, Chicago, and Denver 5. Create 3 Sub OU’s per city – Mangers, Users, Groups 6. Create 1 Manager & 1 User per city 7. Create a group for each City’s managers & Users 8. Create a group for ALL managers & all users 9. Create Home Folders for the mangers & the users 10. Create a shared folder on the C: \ of the DC called Departments. Along with this, create a logon script that will map this Departments drive for all users. 11. Give Managers full r ights to this folder, but give users the ability to read/execute/write but not modify 12. Setup shadow copies for the DC 13. Create a Host A record for each IP that you have set. (2 records for your DC, 2 records for your Client) When creating these records, also create a PTR record(check box at bottom) 14. Make 3 Two-way t ransitive t rusts between other domains in the classroom 15. Add a 2nd hard drive to your DC and Schedule a Server backup to run at 3 a.m. every n ight. Remember to size your 2nd hard drive to be about 15-17gb ...
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