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Cummins_DatabaseDesignExercise - Em p PK Emp First N Emp...

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DATABASE DESIGN EXERCISE Project1 1.  Create, using Normalization techniques, all of the levels for the master table below. Change # PK Chang e Time Chang e Desc Chang e Type Change Commen ts PC System Employ ee Approv er Employe e Perform er Chang e Severi ty Change Complexi ty Compa ny Locatio n PC OS Compa ny Busines s Chang e Status 2.  Create a metadata spec sheet defining the table above.  Take educated guesses, or ask during project  check-up times, about values that may not be ultimately clear.  Hint:  Complexity could be a A or N value,  depending on how the system is designed. Project 2 1.  Create, using Normalization techniques, all of the levels for the master table below.
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Unformatted text preview: Em p # PK Emp First N Emp LastN Addy Stre et Add y City Addy Zip Tele Home # Tele Mobile # Tele MMS Compa ny Dept Compan y Business Emp Years Emp Spous e Emp Mgr Emp Edu Emp Degre e 2. Create a metadata spec sheet defining the table above. Take educated guesses, or ask during project check-up times, about values that may not be ultimately clear. Hint: Complexity could be a A or N value, depending on how the system is designed....
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