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CSC 364 Project Proposal Checklist Title Page of project (Your name, your project#, class#) (Design this to look nice) Table of contents (can include page#’s, but does not have to as long as title’s match) Executive Summary (what/who is this proposal for, who will read it) Outline of system study and detailed results of the systems study which include the following: o Data Flow Diagram o Data Dictionary o Database Design o Input Forms o Output Forms (Report examples) o Error Checking Techniques o Estimated cost of hardware and software requirements (you gathered this in
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Unformatted text preview: questionnaire exercises) Systems analyst recommendations and Summary Appendices (if needed – this is optional) (could be sketches, alternatives, or worksheets used) As long as you follow the basic guidelines above and include all of the content, the style in which you hand-in the proposal is up to you. I do not want to constrain your proposal design, but only guide you as to what should be included within the proposal....
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