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Unformatted text preview: CSC 364 Initial Project Descriptions (overview) PROJECT OPTION #1 You should have noticed by now, that the project has taken a slight turn in scope than what was previously indicated. This happens very commonly in corporations around the world. Departments and personnel may ask for very large projects, but as the work and information gathering continues to develop, something the realization is determined that the request should not be as large as initially assumed. This project will still have a “intranet” backbone, but essentially it will be very small as to what function it will serve on the initial go-live date. More than likely, a new project will be created to develop more features and functionality for the “intranet”. You should use the last few exercises and revisit your initial DFD, and Data Dictionaries using the new values that were discussed/given. This should match all of your input screens as well. There should be no value that were discussed/given....
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