Capstone_Assignment for CSC218 Fall 2010

Capstone_Assignment for CSC218 Fall 2010 - Name: _ Class...

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Name: ____________________________ Class Time: _________ Grade: _____________ Capstone Project Before starting this assignment, create a folder named YourNameProject on your H:\ drive or a USB drive. As you work through this assignment, save files to that folder, so that all files are in the same folder when you are ready to submit your work. Capstone Project 2 is at the end of the textbook, following the appendices. Capstone Project 2: Lyons Bank and Trust pages CAP 16-30 Word Capstone Project 2 Part 1: Complete as instructed, with the following modifications. Change the document margins to 1" at the top and bottom, and 1.25" on the left and right edges. Create a letterhead template file for the business letter shown in Figure 21 (a). The letterhead should include the business information at the top of the letter, with a date field that automatically updates to the current date when the file is opened. Save the letterhead file as Lyons Letterhead . Use the Lyons Letterhead file to create the document shown in Figures 2-1 (a) and (b). Use any appropriate clip art for the image at the top of the second page. Use Dark Red, Accent 2 font for the title at the top of the second page and for the subtitle under the picture. Save the completed file as Underwood Health Center Letter . Part 2 Use the Underwood Health Center Letter document. Use spell check and proofread for errors. Check all format options, including the use of appropriate paragraph spacing and text alignment. You do not need to submit the word count for the document. Save all changes to the document without changing the filename. Do not complete Part 3 Excel Capstone Project 2 Part 1 Note that the screen shots at the top of page CAP 20 show the completed worksheet. Your workbook will look different as you add data following the instructions given in the exercise. Set the worksheet to print in Landscape with appropriate scaling and margins so that the worksheet prints to a single, full page. Save the completed file as Lyons Loan Officers . Page 1 of 6
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Part 2 Complete all steps as indicated in the textbook, except as follows: - If necessary, use the Switch Rows/Columns tool so that the names of the loan officers appear in the legend. -
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Capstone_Assignment for CSC218 Fall 2010 - Name: _ Class...

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