Lab IF-1 Natural Life Quarterly Reserves

Lab IF-1 Natural Life Quarterly Reserves - Excess...

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NATURAL LIFE: CHANGES IN FUND BALANCE RESERVES For the Quarter Ending September 30, 2009 Balance -- June 30, 2009 $395,990,517 $3,699,639,034 $746,019,685 Distribution of Revenue and Expenses Member contributions 53,135,246 Employer contributions 46,890,892 Earnings on investments 588,132,626 Pension benefits -145,302,173 Refunds to terminated members -3,480,194 -1,833,401 Administrative expenses -616,109 Distribution of Transfers
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Unformatted text preview: Excess investment for future benefits-72,225,529 72,225,529 Earnings on excess-91,835,023 91,835,023 Amount utilized by benefit increases 47,639,499-47,639,499 Net transfers 298,995 359,437 Balances transferred due to retirement-26,413,782 26,413,782 Balance -- September 30, 2009 $419,530,782 $4,097,263,035 $862,440,738 Refundable Members' Reserve Employer's Reserve Future Benefit Increase Reserve...
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