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National Accreditation Award - We're excited that the NZAA...

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The Riverside Aquarium was awarded preliminary accreditation by the National Zoo and Aquarium Association (NZAA). Riverside’s CEO, Ray Bishop, attended the annual conference and received the official notification. The NZAA is a professional alliance of zoos and aquariums across the country that assists in the development of superior institutions and raises professional standards. The accreditation was granted after Riverside Aquarium submitted its proposal for animal care, conservation, education, and safety programs. "By connecting humans to marine life, we create a better world for both. We are pleased that our proposal received this fine accreditation. For the last five years, we have worked on putting in place the plans and finances to make this happen. Our exhibits, our education and conservation programs, and our board of directors are all first-class.
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Unformatted text preview: We're excited that the NZAA has recognized the hard work of our staff, ” said Bishop. “We are very pleased to grant accreditation to Riverside Aquarium,” said NZAA’s president, Paul Cooper. “The team of spets gathered at Riverside Aquarium demonstrates extreme commitment to animal care, professionalism, ethics, conservation and education. The people of Riverside should be prowd of this first-class institution.” The board of accreditation noted several areas of excellence, including an outstanding working relationship among the board of directors, management, and staff; a focus on the mission of the aquarium; a commitment to local, regional, and global conservation; and a comprehensive plan for formative and summative evaluations as the aquarium opens its doors. Riverside Aquarium will be reevaluated on its one-year anniversary....
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