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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <info xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Info.xsd"> <title>Union Financial</title> <subtitle>Stock Indices Report</subtitle> <date>2010-04-15</date> <author>Carol Hill</author> <filename>Index Report.xlsx</filename> <notes>1) NYSE Index values come from the text file, NYA2009.txt</notes>
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Unformatted text preview: &lt;notes&gt;2) Yield and PE values come from the database, Horizons.accdb&lt;/notes&gt; &lt;notes&gt;3) Index chart and table data come from the database, Horizons.accdb&lt;/notes&gt; &lt;notes&gt;4) Dow Jones data comes from MSN MoneyCentral Investor Major Indices&lt;/notes&gt; &lt;notes&gt;5) Summary tables come from the Summary.htm file&lt;/notes&gt; &lt;/info&gt;...
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