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IT Services Update A Technology Newsletter from The Sullivan University System Summer, 2010 Green IT, Cloud Computing, iPads, and more… It has been three summers since the last IT Newsletter was circulated. The technology being described in 2007 seems so passé, whereas the technology discussed today was only a dream three years ago. Such is the lifecycle of computerization. In this issue we will be describing some of the latest trends in technology; how they are being implemented within our computing environment; and how they interrelate. The above picture is a good example of how one change can create an opportunity for introducing many others. The picture is a diagram of the current SUS wide area network. This network was built and installed earlier this year and has provided a pathway for connecting various computerization projects. Although the projects seem diverse, they are connected a nd dependent upon each other. How does “Green IT” affect an iPad? The mystery is unraveled in the enclosed article, but several other technologies are implemented before the connection is made. As the Sullivan University System is changing and growing, so are the technology needs. Incorporating Cloud Computing, social networking, and instructional objectives is still a “work -in- progress”. We, like many other higher education institutions, are trying to determine the best and most beneficial fit for the student. An overview of how we are tackling these initiatives is presented within. I hope you enjoy the enclosed content. We are planning to demonstrate some of the “bells and whistles” of the described technology at the various campuses . In this issue How Green is Your IT? … p2 VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure … p2 The forecast calls for Increasing Clouds … p3 What’s the point of SharePoint? … p4 Be glad for the iPad … p5 Bits and Bytes … p6
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How Green is your IT? It’s not just one thing, but many, that determine how to change the effect of power hungry computing. VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI takes the concept of delivering a user’s desktop computing environment from a server based architecture. This has several advantages for cost reduction, including substantial decreases in power consumption. When the user’s desktop comes from a server, it doesn’t require the user to have a PC. A device such as a thin client (solid state diskless computing device) can be used instead. In fact the user can access their computing resources from any acceptable networked or broadband device. That’s why it becomes virtual, because their computing resources aren’t tied to a single physical machine sitting at a desk. So what makes this “ green ”? If you look at the chart below you can see the difference in energy consumption between a standard thin client and a PC. The 99 watt power supply for a PC is a standard, but we have some older PCs that have 200 300 watt power supplies. When you compare that to the 7.4 watt power supply of a thin client, you can see where there
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