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Chapter 2 – quiz and discussion questions 1. Although it is easier to focus on the immediate concerns of a particular project, project managers and other staff must keep in mind the effects of any project on the interests and needs of the entire system or organization. 2. Organizational issues are often the least difficult part of working on and managing projects. 3. The same organization can have different sub-cultures. 4. Technical and analytical skills guarantee success in project management.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Most information technology project managers are experienced as managers. 6. It is much more expensive to make major changes to a project during earlier phases. 7. Most projects involve a major amount of software development. 1. Describe the concept of a systems approach. 2. What are the four frames of organizations? Describe each frame. 3. What are the reasons top management commitment is crucial to project managers?...
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