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Chapter 3 – quiz and discussion questions 1. Research suggests that companies working to implement best practices should spend less than 10 percent of project time in initiating and planning. 2. Some organizations develop their own internal information technology project management methodologies. 3. An organization should put considerable thought into project selection to ensure that it initiates the right kinds of projects for the right reasons. 4. It is better to have huge success on an unimportant project than to have a
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Unformatted text preview: moderate or even small amount of success on an important project. 5. Even though many information technology projects are canceled before completion, it is important to formally close any project and reflect on what can be learned to improve future projects. 1. List and describe the five process management groups. 2. What is a methodology? 3. Describe the process of initiating a project and the issues involved. 4. What is a work breakdown structure?...
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