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RUNNING CASE - ch6 - determining these milestones might add...

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RUNNING CASE – Chapter 6 Tony Prince is the project manager for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project, and team members include you, a programmer/analyst and aspiringproject manager; Patrick, a network specialist; Nancy, a business analyst; and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst. Other people supporting the project from other departments are Yusaff from human resources, and Cassandra from finance. Assume these are the only people who can be assigned and charged to work on project activities. Recall that your schedule and cost goals are to complete the project in six months for under $200,000. TASKS 1. Review the WBS and Gantt chart you created for Chapter 5, Task 3. Propose three to five additional activities you think should be added to help you estimate resources and durations. Write a one-page paper describing these new activities. 2. Identify at least eight milestones for this project. Write a one-page paper describing each milestone using the SMART criteria. Discuss how
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Unformatted text preview: determining these milestones might add additional activities or tasks to the Gantt chart. Remember that milestones normally have no duration, so you must have tasks that will lead to completing the milestone. 3. Using the Gantt chart you created for Chapter 5, Task 3, and the new activities and milestones you proposed in Tasks 1 and 2 above, create a new Gantt chart. Estimate the task durations and enter dependencies, as appropriate. Remember that your schedule goal for the project is six months. Print the Gantt chart and network diagram. | 4. Write a one-page paper summarizing how you would assign people to each activity. Include a table or matrix listing how many hours each person would work on each task. These resource assignments should make sense given the duration estimates made in Task 3 above. Remember that duration estimates are not the same as effort estimates since they include elapsed time....
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