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public class QuestionSet { public static final String[][] questions = { {"Who is the lecturer for the currect Pic20A class in UCLA?", "George Bush", "Prince Charles", "Bill Gates" ,"Charles Li"}, {"Which company created Java?", "Apple", "Oracle", "Microsoft", "Sun"}, {"Java can run on which platform?", "Window only", "Mac only", "Liunx only", "Any platform"}, {"Which one of the following is not a property of Java?", "Write once, run everywhere", "Object oriented", "Robust" , "Speed up the processor"}, {"Which of the following is automatically imported by every java program?", "java.awt.*", "javax.swing.*", "java.util.*", "java.lang.*"}, {"Which one of the following is a correct name for identifier?", "num.of.students", "num-of-classes", "2go", "n_of_c"}, {"The default layout of JFrame is :", "BorderLayout", "GridLayout", "FlowLayout", "BoxLayout"}, {"Which one of the following method is not a method for Graphics class?",
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Unformatted text preview: "setBackground", "setColor", "setFont", "drawString"}, {"Which one of the following is not a keyword of Java?", "const", "final", "public", "goto"}, {"Every java class extends ", "Object", "Class", "Interface", "None of them"}, {"The default vertical gap for BorderLayout is", "0", "1", "5", "10"}, {"How many bits does an integer has?", "8", "16", "32", "64"}, {"Which package is ActionListener located?", "java.awt", "javax.swing", "java.awt.event", "java.lang"}, {"Which one of the following class is not a subclass of java.awt.Component?", "JFrame", "JLabel", "JButton", "All of them are components"}, {"Java was created on", "1997", "1996", "1995", "1994"} }; public static final String ans = {"D","D","D","D","D", "D","A","A","A","A", "C","C","A","D","C"}; }...
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