Quiz03 - LUTHER SETZER Your test grade is 97 percent The...

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Unformatted text preview: LUTHER SETZER Your test grade is 97 percent The professor has configured this test to allow students to review: z Questions answered incorrectly. z Questions answered correctly. z Students answers. z Correct answers. Question 1 - Multiple Choice ID: 5298078 Correct Question: For which of the following reasons do people delegate tasks? To free themselves up to do other tasks To have the most qualified person make decisions Both A and B To assign work to someone else so that they have more free time Question 2 - Multiple Choice ID: 5298062 Correct Question: Pat is a project manager for Wholesale Fortune, Inc. and noticed that the distribution list for a current project was out of date. Which of the following reasons best explains why? There are some people on the list that no one thought to remove The administrative assistant was afraid to remove some of the names for fear of insulting the individuals Both A and B None of the above Question 3 - Multiple Choice ID: 5298033- The correct answer has been circled. Question: Ira Miller is a project manager for Moonzing, Inc. As part of his annual performance evaluation, upper management has indicated that he must improve his work effort estimates. Which of the following will assist Ira in improving his accuracy? Asking employees to complete time sheets daily Discontinuing the use of project management software Selecting different employees who are more productive None of the above Question 4 - True/False ID: 5298061 Correct Question: A distribution list is a list that identifies people and groups who support, or are affected by, a project. True False Question 5 - Multiple Choice ID: 5298104 Correct Question: Noncritical tasks have slack __________ zero. Greater than Equal to Less than Cannot determine from the information given Question 6 - Multiple Choice ID: 5298052 Correct Question: Sam, a project manager has been working with his team. To effectively monitor his projects follow-up activities, which of the following should Sam do?...
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This note was uploaded on 12/17/2010 for the course BUS 5661 taught by Professor Lee during the Fall '10 term at FIT.

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Quiz03 - LUTHER SETZER Your test grade is 97 percent The...

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