Sept.13-15 - Chinese 252 Names Terms Mon Wed Sept 13-15 2010 I The w b h or w b h The Five Hegemons(or overlords or alliance-chiefs 1 Q Hungng h 2

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Mon. – Wed., Sept. 13-15, 2010 I. The w bà ǔ h or w bó ǔ h : The Five Hegemons (or overlords, or alliance-chiefs) 1. Qí Huángōng h (Lord Huán of Qí; r. 684–643) 2. Sòng Xiānggōng h (Lord Xiāng of Sòng; 650–637) 3. Jìn Wéngōng h (Lord Wén of Jìn; a.k.a. Prince Chóng’ěr h , “Double- ears”; r. 635–628) 4. Qín Mùgōng h (Lord Mù of Qín; r. 659–621) 5. Chŭ Zhuāngwáng h (King Zhuāng of Ch ; r. 613–591) ǔ [for chronological comparison: the dates of K ngz (Confucius) are: 551–479] ǒ ǐ Some lists consist of #1, #3 and #5 above, plus the following two figures:
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