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Nov. 3-5, 2010 The Suí dynasty (581 – 618 CE ) 1. Yáng Ji n ¢ ǎ Suí Wéndì (r. 581 – 603 CE) He founded the Sui Dynasty. He was a Northerner in origin. 2. Yáng Gu ǎ ng ¢ Suí Yángdì (r. 604 – 618 CE) He was the son of Yang Jian. He went on a tour of the Jiangnan area after his ascension to the throne and was captivated by the life of the Southerners. He established a capital there, and lived there most of his time. The Táng dynasty (618 – 907 CE ) 1. Táng G oz ā ǔ , a.k.a. L ǐ Yu n ā ǔ (r. 618 – 626 CE) 2. Táng Tàiz ng ō ǔ , a.k.a. L ǐ Shìmín (r. 626 – 649 CE) 3. chuán qí tales (classical prose short stories; chuán qí means “to transmit the 1. strange”) 4. the pentatonic (five-tone) scale
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