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Oct. 15-20, 2009 5. yóu xiá h (knight errant, wandering swashbuckler) 6. yì bú dì Qín (“to refuse on principle to recognize Qín as emperor”: to refuse to bow to superior might) 7. L ǔ Zhònglián h 8. Hán Dān h (the capital of Zhào h) 9. Jìn B ǐ h (a Wèy general.) 10. Qín Zhāoxiāng Wáng h King Zhāoxiāng of Qín (r. 306–252 BCE) 11. Wáng Hé h (Qín commander-in-chief) 12. Yè Xià h (place-name) 13. Chūnshēn Jūn ) Lord Chūnshēn (prime minister of Ch ǔ , one of the “four seigneurs” of the Warring States era, along with Mèngcháng Jūn)
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