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Jìn.1.3 - Jn 1:03 Recorder S Predicts...

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Jìn 1:03 Recorder Sū Predicts That Lí Jī Will Bring Disaster to Jìn Summary: After Lí Jī , the captured Róng princess, becomes the principal consort of Lord Xiàn, she and her younger sister both bear him sons. She then prevails upon Lord Xiàn to have the elder princes Shēn Shēng, Chóng’ěr, and Yí Wú reside in distant cities, while her own son continues to reside in the capital. Alarmed at this, Recorder Sū attempts to alert the court officers of Jìn to threat posed to the state by Lí Jī ’s self-serving schemes. His warnings are borne out by later events. Lord Xiàn attacked the Lí Róng barbarians and vanquished them. He slew their ruler, captured his daughter Lí Jī ì , and returned with her, establishing her as his principal consort [ fūrén ì ]. She gave birth to Xi Qí ì , and her younger sister gave birth to Zhuōz ǐ ° . Lí Jī requested that Shēn Shēng ì ì be sent to live in Qū Wò ì in order to distance him quickly from the others; and that Chóng’ěr live in Pú ì
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