Jìn.1.4 - Jn 1:04 Lord Xin Prepares to...

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Jìn 1:04 Lord Xiàn Prepares to Remove Crown Prince Shēn Shēng And Establish Xī Qí in His Place Summary: As Lord Xiàn prepares to replace Shēn Shēng with Xī Qí, the officers L Kè, Pī Zhèng, and ǐ Xún Xí confer with each other. Xún Xí says he will carry out Lord Xiàn’s wishes, Pī Zhèng says he will oppose them, and L Kè says he will remain silent. ǐ After Lord Xiàn has Xī Qí take his own place in the winter sacrifice to Lord W , an ǔ alarmed retainer of Shēn Shēng’s urges him to make plans. Shēn Shēng declines to do anything on the ground that any plan-making on his part would be disloyal and unfilial. Lí Jī gave birth to Xī Qí ì and her younger sister gave birth to Zhuōz ǐ ǔ . Lord Xiàn was preparing to remove Crown Prince Shēn Shēng and establish Xī Qí in his place. L Kè ǐ ǔǔ , Pī Zhèng ì , and Xún Xí ì met with each other. L Kè said, “What Recorder Sū ǐ predicted is about to arrive! What must we do?” Xún Xí said, “I have heard that one who serves a ruler uses all his strength to carry out his
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Jìn.1.4 - Jn 1:04 Lord Xin Prepares to...

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