Jìn.1.8 - Jn 1:08 Actor Sh Has L J...

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Jìn 1:08 Actor Shī Has Lí Jī Slander Shēn Shēng Summary: In bed at night, Lí Jī informs Lord Xiàn that Shēn Shēng is treating the people kindly so as to gain their support. He will portray Lord Xiàn as deluded and tyrannical, she says, and no one will object when he finally overthrows his father. She suggests that he abdicate the throne and have Shēn Shēng rule in his stead. Lord Xiàn rejects this suggestion. Lí Jī then suggests that he have Shēn Shēng undertake a campaign against the Dí of Gāo Luò (who have been raiding Jìn’s borderlands, depriving the people of pasturage) to see if he actually enjoys the people’s support. If he is victorious, his guilt will be confirmed and measures can be taken. Also, a victory would put Jìn in an excellent position with regard to neighboring states and tribes. Lord Xiàn is pleased at this proposal and orders Shēn Shēng to attack Dōng Shān, giving him an odd and inauspicious robe and gold pendant to wear. Shēn Shēng’s attendant Zàn is able to tell from these items that trouble is in store for Shēn Shēng. Shēn Shēng vanquishes the Dí and returns, whereupon the slander at court increases. (See Zu zhuàn ǒ , M n-gōng 2, Item 7, pp. 268-72.) ǐ Following Actor Shī’s instructions, Lí Jī wept in the middle of the night and spoke to Lord Xiàn as follows: “I have heard that Shēn Shēng is very fond of showing fellow-feeling and is a tough fighter, that he is extremely liberal in dispensing favors and is compassionate toward the people. He has special ways of putting all these qualities into practice. He now says that you are infatuated with me and will bring disorder to the state. He is in fact using the state’s well-being as a pretext to use his prowess as a fighter against you. You have not yet come to the end of your allotted span and are not about to die. What are you going to do about this? Why don’t you kill
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Jìn.1.8 - Jn 1:08 Actor Sh Has L J...

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