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G.Zh.2 - Gun Zhng Tale The Assassination Attempt Gun Zhng...

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Gu n Zhòng Tale: The Assassination Attempt ǎ Gu n Zhòng spoke to the marquis of L : “Prince Xi o Bái is in J . J is closer to ǎ ǔ ǎ ǔ ǔ Qí than L is. If he enters first, he will be like a lord in his own house and Jiū like a ǔ stranger come to visit. I beg you to loan me a fine horse so I can go on ahead and intercept him.” “How many armored troops will you need?” asked the marquis. “Thirty will be enough,” said Gu n Zhòng. ǎ In the meantime, Prince Xi o Bái had heard that Qí was leaderless and in confusion, ǎ so after conferring with Bào Shúyá, he borrowed a force of 100 chariots from the viscount of J , so as to return to Qí. Gu n Zhòng was just at this time racing night and day to ǔ ǎ intercept him with his small force. When he got to Jí Mò, he heard that troops of J had ǔ already passed that way. He pursued them. After traveling another thirty li or so, he came upon the J troops. They had halted their chariots and were cooking a meal. Seeing Xi o ǔ ǎ
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