J.Shen.meeting - develop such a deep relationship gives the...

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On Meeting / Not Meeting A Knower J. Shen (Fall, 2009)
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J. Shen, “Knowing” 2 The One Who’s Known or Not Known: Known Or Not Known By… Info Yu Boya Zhong Ziqi Their knower-known relationship gave the term zhiyin, “to know the sound”, b/c Zhong Ziqi could always tell what Yu Boya was thinking/feeling by the sound of his zither-playing. When Zhong Ziqi died, Boya broke his zither b/c there was no point in playing for the masses who don’t understand him. (There is also an idiom “dui niu tan qin” = “to play for the cow/ox”, and is used to express the futility of playing for such an oblivious audience.) *Note: knowing is treasured all the more b/c superficial things like benefits and social status are not involved. These two meet in a dark forest/swamp, and thus cannot see each other’s garments (which show social standing). That these two, in one night, came to
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Unformatted text preview: develop such a deep relationship gives the term zhi another important property: When you find someone you know/are known by, time itself is not a factor b/c its timeless, and the usual formalities that go into shallower friendships dont matter here. Horses Bo Le Bo Le knew the thousand-li horses from the normal ones. Metaphorical representation of someone knowing another of great (but usually hidden) abilities. This guy knew his horses. Mr. Bian He and his jade Not known by first 2 kings of Chu, finally known by the 3rd Got his feet cut off the first two tries, felt misunderstood b/c people mistook his pure intentions of presenting the piece of jade. Compare jade to Mr. Bian He. Guan Zhong Bao Shuya Those who bore me were my parents, but he who knows me is Bao Shuya, J. Shen, Knowing 3...
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J.Shen.meeting - develop such a deep relationship gives the...

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