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Nov. 10 , 2010 1. Li ǔ Zōngyuán    (773 – 819) He was master of the philosophical articles. He wrote River Snow and Camel Guo the Gardener. _Zongyuan 2. “River Snow” (“Jiāng Xuě” i ) 3. “Camel Guō the Gardener” 4. Mèng Jiāo i   (751 – 814) 5. “Song of the Departing Son” (“Yóu Z ǐ Yín” i ) 6. Bái Jūyì i    (772 – 846) 7. Xuē Táo i   (c. 768 – c. 840?) She was a poet. Her father thought she might become a courtesan, so he told her to stop composing. Her father was an upright magistrate and her mother trained her to be a singing girl. She became famous throughout Sichuan. A man named Wei Gao hired her to be an entertainer when she was 17. He recommended her to the imperial court. She was not given the post of editor.
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