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Nov. 19-22, 2010 1. , play, game, joke, dramatic performance 2. zájù (flourished in Yuán dynasty; continued to be written throughout the Míng) 3. chuánqí plays (flourished in Míng and early Q ng dynasties) ī 4. B ij ng opera ě ī ě (flourished from mid-Q ng to the 20th century) ī 5. “ghost gates” ( gu ǐ mén ) 6. sàn q ǔ (“dispersed stage-songs”) 7. The Orphan of Zhào ( Zhào Shì G Ér ū ) 8. Gu n Hànq ng ā ī ě (c. 1220 – c. 1290) 9. The Wrong Done to Dòu É (
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