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John Winthrop - T he following is an excerpt from the...

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The following is an excerpt from the sermon delivered by John Winthrop aboard The Arbella, the first of many ships bringing Puritans to New England, in 1630. According to Winthrop, what is the purpose of the Puritans’ voyage to the New World? John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity” (1630) God almighty in His most holy and wise providence hath so disposed of the condition of mankind, as in all times some must be rich, some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity, others mean and in subjection. Reason: First, to hold conformity with the rest of His works, being delighted to show forth the glory of His wisdom in the variety and difference of the creatures and the glory of His power, in ordering all these differences for the preservation and good of the whole. Reason: Secondly, that He might have the more occasion to manifest the work of His spirit. First, upon the wicked in moderating and restraining them, so that the rich and mighty should not eat up the poor, nor the poor and despised rise up against their superiors and shake off their yoke. Secondly, in the regenerate in exercising His graces in them, as in the great ones, their love, mercy, gentleness, temperance, etc., in the poor and inferior sort, their faith, patience, obedience, etc. Reason: Thirdly, that every man might have need of other, and from hence
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John Winthrop - T he following is an excerpt from the...

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