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Truy n Tr u Cau The Legend of the Betel Vine and the Areca Nut (translated by E. Henry from L nh Nam Chích Quái ĩ ) In ancient times there was a young man named Quang Lang who was handsome and of large stature. The king conferred on him the surname Cao [“tall”]. He had two sons, the elder named Tân and the younger Lang. They were both students of a Daoist master surnamed L u. ư In Master L u’s family there was a girl aged seventeen or eighteen who wished to find ư a marriage partner. Not knowing which of the brothers was the elder, she set a bowl of soup with one pair of chopsticks before them and invited them to eat, so she could see which was the elder. When she saw that Lang invited Tân to eat first, she took note of it and explained the situation to her parents. Her parents gave her in marriage to the elder brother Tân, and the two came to be deeply attached to each other. Later, however, when the younger brother Lang saw that Tân no longer treated him as
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Trầu.Cau - Truyn Tru Cau The...

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