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Notes Athenian democracy did not reach its full development until the mid-fifth century BCE, but its first steps in the Archaic Age were remarkable because the allowed most of male citizens to participate meaningfully in making laws and administering justice Athens’s early development of a large middle class was a crucial factor in opening this new path for Western Civilization The Athenian population increased at an incredible rate when economic conditions improved in the 8 th century The availability of good farmland in Athenian territory and opportunities for seaborne trade along the long coastline allowed many families to achieve prosperity These hardworking entrepreneurs felt that their self-won success entitled them to a say in the government of Athens The strong sense of unity and identity of these people was already evident in the 630s BCE when the “people rallied from the fields in a body” to prevent a rich Athenian family from creating a tyranny At the end of the 7 th century all free-born adult males citizens of Athens had the right to vote on public matters in the assembly They also elected magistrates who supervised the government and the judicial system In this periord members of the elite dominated these offices because the carried no pay, meaning poor men could not afford to serve An extended economic crisis in the late 7
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western world notes - Notes • • • • • • • •...

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