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Executive Summary – HEC MBA HRM Course – Professor Besseyre des Horts Session 1 – Introduction to HRM Key ideas: Human resources management is a rather recent field in management when we compare it to finances, marketing or business strategy to name a few. Starting from a very administrative role, HRM has progressively evolved to legal and psychological roles. This evolution can be related to some major organizational theories such as Taylorism (the distinction between conception and execution of work), motivation theories such as Maslow (hierarchy of needs). More recently, HRM has become a managerial function with more expertise held by the HR function and more people responsibilities devolved to managers. HR specific tools (recruitment, training, development, career, compensation and benefits…) have been developed and used by many organizations with the help of consultants. Technology has been very useful to allow HR to be more rigorous through the development of e-HR in the past
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