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Future Report jd - CD-ROM drive will cost between $400 and...

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THE FUTURE OF INFORMATION STORAGE Business Technology Conference By Alondra Garcia Much of what we save as files of computers today is stored on hard disks, zip disks or CDs. The future of information storage, however, clearly rests in the technology of compact disc storage or CD- ROM as it is often labeled is also a form of data storage. Basic Features A single compact disc can store about 700 megabytes of information. With this capability, a computer user can store an entire encyclopedia or dictionary, a vast assortment of graphic images and clip art pieces, as well as a considerable number of individual software packages. A
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Unformatted text preview: CD-ROM drive will cost between $400 and $1,200. Using CD-ROM Using a CD-ROM disc will free up space on your hard disk, and it will give you immediate access to many software packages. Thus, you can have at your disposal an entire encyclopedia or call up an image from thousands of clip art pieces stored on the disc. However, the CK drive is presently more expensive and slower that other drives, and it is impossible to erase the CD. Also, because of the vast amount of storage on just one disc, the purchase price of prerecorded disc may be high....
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