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Comprehensive Take-Home Essay

Comprehensive Take-Home Essay - Juan Pesantez HIST 102...

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Juan Pesantez 12/07/10 HIST 102 Comprehensive Take-Home Essay Spanish-American War : This war started because Cuba was beginning to revolt against the Spanish who had been ruling Cuba since 1865. However the U.S was neutral at the beginning. In 1895 Cubans made a significant revolt by intentionally destroying their island in order to force the Spanish to leave. The American press magnified the events of the revolt making it look as if the Spanish were the only ones committing atrocities. During this time, Cubans emigrated to the U.S. and formed groups supporting the freedom of Cuba, but this was not enough for President Cleveland who stated neutrality to intervene in the war. In 1897, President McKinley decided to intervene in the war by supporting Cubans, and with this the Spanish chose to leave the island. However, the conflict gained power again when a Cuban agent stole a letter from a Spanish minister in Washington that described McKinley as a weak man. At the same time an American battleship Maine blew up in Havana harbor with a loss of 260 people, and it was presumed that the Spanish had caused this tragedy, but the U.S. mistake that the sunk of the ship was due to an accidental explosion of the engine. The war began… Americans totally dominated the war against the Spanish because in part Cuban rebels had already greatly weakened the Spanish resistance. On May 1, 1898, Americans sailed to the Philippines to attack Spanish naval. Thus, Americans destroyed the Spanish fleet that was stationed there. 1
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Under the terms of an armistice, Spain recognized the independence of Cuba, it ceded Puerto Rico and the Pacific island of Guam to the United States. I have learned from this war that the United States acted in good faith by helping Cuba to gain its independence from the Spanish empire, and in the process of it, Spanish lost not only Cuban territory but others.
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Comprehensive Take-Home Essay - Juan Pesantez HIST 102...

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