Reaction Chapter 8

Reaction Chapter 8 - J uan Pesantez H IST 101 Reaction...

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Unformatted text preview: J uan Pesantez H IST 101 11/22/10 Reaction Chapter 8 I thought the most interesting part of this chapter was the creation of the Ar t icles of Confederation which allowed to the diversification of political parties The revolutionaries at the t ime thought that a federation of small state republics would stand a far better chance of enduring. They came to this idea because they wanted to change form the bad experiences America went through before its independence, when the abuse of authority by the king and his appointed official took control over its people who f inally rebelled against their authoritarian government in order to gain their independence. To ensure that the executive could never again threaten popular liberty, the new s tates either accorded almost no power to their governors. With all power granted to popular assemblies, a majority of voter within a state could do whatever they wanted w ithout having to ask the permission of governors of courts, which opened the door for legislatures. Now, that people had power, they insisted on wri t ten state constitutions, which would support and put limits between rulers and ruled. These wri t ten constitut ions were a collection of parliamentary laws, customs, and precedents, which Americans believed, needed to be a wr it ten code that would stand apart from and above government. I n July 1776, Congress appointed a commit tee to draft a constitution for a national government which led to the approval of the first national constitution in November 1777; however i t took four more years, in February 1781, for all of the states to ratify the validity of the A rticles of Confederation. ...
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Reaction Chapter 8 - J uan Pesantez H IST 101 Reaction...

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