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IR Midterm Study Guide (part 8) Petersburg Tasks An external action of the CSDP (Lisbon) in dealing with humanitarian and rescue, peacemaking and peacekeeping missions, more importantly the combating in crisis management. o Mostly to tool of leverage for destabilized Eastern European countries. o Important does not deal with territorial defense which is a component of NATO CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) One of the three supranational-like components of the psychological pillar structure of the European Union (to develop EU voice) through Maastricht 1992 to offer identity of the framework for common defense policy. This organized and agreed upon foreign policy of the EU in security and defense actions primarily o hallowed out the EPC and fit in its federalist shell, though in the treaty it was called intergovernmental and the Council is provisioned to handle matters in that manner (Howorth Security and Defense Policy in the European Union 34 reading 10/4) o Enlargement has called for a more coordinated effort o Lisbon enhanced it and got rid of pillar system to develop legal fundamental rights of the EU Elements o CSDP (1999) Lisbon changed the name from ESDP. San Malo Declaration o Areas that are covered, democracy, human rights, conflict prevention, cooperation in crisis, peace-making o EDA encourages increase in defense capabilities, military research and the establishment of a European internal market for military technology Decisions-making: The Council, QMV Controversies/ Barriers o What kind of global power is EU going to be in multi-polar structure: Euro- pessimism, optimism, perceptions NATO: would undermine NATO, separate NATO takes precedence and passes the buck; many EU members are part of NATO
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In 1998 Kosovo it wanted to do more than just the humanitarian aid NATO offered but was unable to act. Showed how far along CFSP was 2003 Iraq European Strategic Strategy in Regional stability Capabilities Challenges o Redundancy and need for specialization but Maastricht called for internal security to be intergovernmental and idea of last aspect of sovereignty o Member states don’t have pulled responsibility Dinan 560 o Shift from quantity to quality (Howorth Security and Defense Policy in the European Union 94 reading 10/6) How much is the EU military expenditure It problematizes realism- CSFP: understanding why Britain was against it many steps of the way o International system is anarchic o States are the only actors o
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IR385.StudyGuide8 - IRMidtermStudyGuide(part8) Petersburg...

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