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Herman Van Rompuy: o first European Council President since Lisbon They wanted something more permanent than the 6-months rotating presidency 2.5 years in office (renewable to 5 years) Technically the “president of Europe” No intention of turning the presidency into a platform for forceful leadership the rotating presidency was continuing…Spain competes with VR for face time in rotating presidency. Next scheduled rotation: Belgium, willing to let VR take lead because he is Belgian doesn’t feel threatened Considered to have little personality o Very supranational but at the same time, does insist that the intergovernmental leaders, or leaders of the member states are important and need to be given some power in the decision making of the EU o Barrosso: o 11 th Commission president of the EU o highest ranking unelected official in the EU o former Prime Minister of Portugal o European People’s Party o Trying to focus on environmental issues o Not ambitious for more integration o In 2004, the proposed European Constitution and now the Treaty of Lisbon included a provision that the choice of President must take into account the result of Parliamentary elections and the candidate supported by the victorious Europarty in particular. That provision was not in force in the nomination in 2004, but the centre-right European People's Party (EPP), who won the elections, pressured for a candidate from its own ranks. In the end, José Manuel Barroso, the EPP candidate, was chosen by the European Council. o On the same basis, the EPP again endorsed Barroso for a second term during the 2009 European election campaign and, after the EPP again won the elections, was able to secure his nomination by the European Council on 17 June 2009. On 3 September 2009, Barroso unveiled his manifesto for his second term. o On 16 September 2009, Barroso was re-elected by the European Parliament for another five years o If he completes his second term he will become only the second Commission president to serve two terms, after Jacques Delors. o During his first presidency, the following important issues were on the Commission's agenda: * Turkey applying for EU membership * The reform of the institutions (Treaty of Lisbon) * The Bolkestein directive, aimed at creating a single market for services within the EU * Lisbon Strategy * Galileo positioning system * Doha Development Agenda negotiations * European Institute of Innovation and Technology * An EU climate change package o o One of his first tasks since being re-elected was a visit to Ireland to persuade Irish citizens to approve the Treaty of Lisbon in the country's second referendum due to be held the following month Sign: Goals: renew optimism, environment, security, identity Blamed for not having done enough to prevent voters from rejecting the Constitutional Treaty Blamed for slow response to financial crisis Known as the “accidental president” he is a safe choice, capable leader who does not push for deeper integration
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IRStudy3 - Herman Van Rompuy o first European Council...

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