IRStudy4 - Federalist-argument that states had lost their...

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Federalist -argument that states had lost their political rights because they could not guarantee the safety of their citizens, and that if the pre-war system was rebuilt there would be a return to nationalism and further conflict (McCormick 6) -Spinelli: key proponent of federalism fascism naturally derives from individual nationalism and drive of capitalism adamantly against functionalism federalism as the most efficient because it democratically creates a constitution with common goals in mind Federalism preserves democracy while functionalism does not advantage: much easier to deal with crises -However, while Spinelli was worried about the creation of nation-states, he was creating a supra-national state -Churchill: anti-federalist in federalist’s clothing, wanted the creation of the EU, but did not want to include the UK -Federalists tend to be more political -called for the immediate creation of a constitution at the establishment of the EU 1. 2 levels of government 2. each level has autonomous jurisdiction 3. guarantees autonomous jurisdiction by forming a constitution Argued for a federal Europe, hoping that political integration would be followed by a economic, social and cultural integration o Altiero Spinelli : led the federalist movement and was very pro-integration. Was a major influence over the development of the European Defense Community (EDC). He felt that the ECSC was not integrated enough (too sectorial) and that intergovernmentalism was too dominant o Monnet Plan : Jean Monnet’s proposal to give France power over Germany’s coal and steel industries as part of France’s reconstruction post-WWII. Adopted by Charles De Gaulle and eventually led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community Functionalist: -David Mitrany as key figure for functionalism “an attempt to link ‘authority to a specific activity, [and] to break away from the traditional link between authority and definite territory’”; did not think peace would come about from regional unification, world government -Functionalists tend to be more technical -based on idea of incrementally bridging the gaps between states by building functionally specific organizations. So instead of trying to coordinate big issues such as economic or defense policy, for example, functionalists believed they could ‘sneak up on
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IRStudy4 - Federalist-argument that states had lost their...

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