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Petersburg Tasks Even Closer Union.” P553-556 - Following post-Cold War security challenges: provide deployable, professional intervention forces geared to ‘out of area’ crisis management. i. humanitarian and rescue ii. peacekeeping iii. combat forces in crisis management Sign: Headquarters in 1993 Brussels to be close to NATO and EU headquarters. The thought of European Nations forming a united coalition of forces bother countries like Britain and Denmark and other ‘neutral’ states that opposed military participation, which opposed the militarization of the EU The Amsterdam Treaty of 1997 included an important step of incorporating the Petersburg tasks into the EU and with full support of the neutral countries. For the Petersburg tasks to be successfully incorporated into the EU under the Amsterdam treaty, the European Council declared that the EU “must have the capacity for autonomous action, backed up by credible military forces and the means to decide to use them.” Their goal, knows as the “headline goal,” stated that member states should be able to deploy roughly 60,000 units in 60 days and sustain such a deployment for at least one year. CFSP - Common Foreign and Security Policy is the foreign policy of the EU mainly dealing with security and defense diplomacy and actions. Decisions require unanimity among member states in the Council of the European Union. Foreign policy is chaired and represented by EU’s High Representative - 4 main controversies i. NATO: duplications? ii. whether to call it federal in the treaty or intergovernmental: went with intergovernmental iii. how to execute it: how would they manage it iv. the areas that would be covered: they didn’t want a blanket – anything that has foreign policy would be covered
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IRStudy9 - Petersburg Tasks Even Closer Union. P553-556 -...

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