1B - Capabilities Challenges 1 Capabilities Gap duplication...

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Unformatted text preview: Capabilities Challenges: 1) Capabilities Gap- duplication ← 2) Deployability ← 3) Reforms ← 4) OHQ (official headquarters)- NATO SHAPE ← 5) European Strategic Culture ← ← Capabilities Gap: • Between what Europe can do & what the US can do o Defense budget/maintaining army but can only use 4% of that • Europe tends to spend a large amount; just not spending well; inefficiencies and duplications of groups that do the same thing maintenance of 20 armies, navies, companies at the same time; gap exists in what they actually receive in terms of resources • Found in deployability, flexibility and use of resources; need for reform of armed forces; still ongoing--> adjusting from Cold War scenarios to situations that go on today; Emphasis-->what scenarios are Europeans involved in today? Multinational ones; working alongside other states and using resources of others; are they prepared for long range of tasks they face? • CSDP--> training of police, peacekeeping, monitoring borders/elections • Operational headquarters; not able to agree; UK objects most to this but would make sense to have an OHQ • Strategic cultures; different ones in Europe due to different historical perceptions, geography, perceive threat differently o Demographic challenges Declining and aging population By 2025, Europeans will only comprise about 6% of world’s population Average age= 45 years old How does a country recruit enough people in the armed forces when population is older? How are they going to spend money at the same level when so much of the same money has to go into pensions? Europe expected to have lower share of the wealth and depend on pensions ← EU’s convergence criteria • Deficit of each member state should be < 3% of GDP • Despite the demographic challenges, EU doesn’t have to spend more at all, just spend what it has but better and efficiently to overcome the Capabilities Gap • 27 armies that duplicate each other, over 20 navies and air forces; can reduce defense budget and still be better off o Ex: If EU starts to specialize where 7 countries have navies so that 20 can get rid of their navies rather than duplicate what member states do (b/c this is very inefficient) if they do this, then can go further into...
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1B - Capabilities Challenges 1 Capabilities Gap duplication...

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