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Capabilities Challenges: -Trying to work together. Very multinational approach -Need rapid reaction -are they prepared for wide range of tasks (even if limited in scope)? -Flexibility and deployability -where should the operation headquarters be? UK objections -European Stratgic Culture – why are there significant differences in cultures in Europe (geography, perspectives, perceptions, history, ambitions) European Security Strategy : -Document in which the EU clarifies its security strategy: drawn up and signed in 2003 -Aims at achieving a secure Europe, identifying threats facing the Union, defining strategic objectives and setting out the political implications for Europe -Significance: -a major breakthrough in thinking about how Europe would behave as a whole (especially post 9/11). -Key shared belief: first line of defense will often be abroad (idea that underpins CSDP). -This explains why for example the EU believes it is good to be in Africa. -Long term view on reducing threats that is much more proactive and prophylactic
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