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1F - Capabilities Challenge Theres a gap between what the...

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Capabilities Challenge : There’s a gap between what the U.S. have & what Europe has. There is a need for reform – need to adjust from Cold War scenarios to things that they are faced with today. What are the scenarios that Europeans involved in today? - usually want to work with resources that are inter-operable. - Rapid-reaction Are they prepared for the wide range of tasks? - Often limited in scope – monitoring elections, monitoring borders, etc- a lot broader. - Looking for flexibility and operability. Permanent Operational Headquarters: European Strategic Culture: there would be different strategic cultures coming from Europe. Geography – different perceptions – a country could be a neutral country – their ambitions may be different Key shared belief shared: first line of defense will often be abroad. 1) Terrorism 2) Weapons of Mass Destruction 3) Failed States 4) Organized Crime 5) Regional Conflicts Multilateralism is what it’s all about.
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