2B - Transatlantic Relationship 1998 Saint Malo Declaration...

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Transatlantic Relationship 1998 Saint Malo Declaration o Autonomous ESDP provoke reaction among US policy-makers December 2002 NATO signed a formal Declaration on ESDP o Setting out their joint and patrtnership 2003 reflected a real vision within the EU over the Iraq war Europenas views o Soviet bloc, NATO membership was just one step to reach the truth goal which was EU membership US attitudes towards EU in general and ESDP in particular shifted from being dominated by skeptics and critics in 1999- 2000 to being increasingly characterized by proposal for partnership in 2005-06 Since the US debacle in Iraq and since the re-election of President Bush, there has been a more widespread acceptable in DC that Europeans can and will prove to be useful allies. Constructive duplication was OK after 9-11 US reaction o Disputes over burden-sharing remained a queasy-permanent feature of the relationship throughout the Cold War and beyond o 21 st century the advent of ESDP and the concurrent quarrels between a number of EU government and the Bush administration shook the alliance to its core and arose 2 interconnecting trends Re-prioritization of European affairs in US grand strategy after the Cold War US interest move away from Europe towards the Pacific and Gulf. Security Policy remain uncertain The US formally welcome EU’s shift towards greater self-reliance but fearful of potential EU challenges to US leadership The EU exulted in its new found freedom but remained fearful of US abandonment o 2 types of believers existed in US. Believers that ESDP can benefit US and the transatlantic relationship Believers that ESDP will harm US and the transatlantic relationship o “Yes but. .” approach: Stanley Sloan George H.W. Bush (elder) administration 1989-1993 Remain deeply suspicious of EU intention NATO summit in Rome October 1991. Bush said “if your ultimate aim is to provide for your own defense, then the time to tell us is today!” ESDI and NATO “ Separable but no separate” Clinton administration 1993-2001 More open minded Brussels and several Europeans Capital specially London criss-crossed the Atlantic to reassure that ESDP would enhance and strength the Alliance rather than weaken it. 2 years were necessary to calm the nerves of Clinton administration Dec 1 1998. Secretary of State Madeline Albright and 3Ds. Welcome Tony Blair for an EU to take more responsibility for their own security and defense. We want a Europe that can act and capable it putting out fires in their own backyard and working with us but. . No Decoupling o EU decision-making should not be unhooked form broader Alliance decision-making’ o Alliances like marriage are base on trust o Decoupling will mean threat No Duplication o No duplicate assets and resources that already exist in the Alliance o Fear that EU rival the US military hardware No Discrimination o No discrimination vs Europeans members of NATO outside the EU
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2B - Transatlantic Relationship 1998 Saint Malo Declaration...

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