2D - Reaction to csdp Us reactions is mixed idea of burden...

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Reaction to csdp : Us reactions is mixed: idea of burden sharing, wants more Europe support plus self reliance will go up, but the same time us doesn’t want the Europe to become so self reliant that it becomes a challenger to us power (self reliance vs challenger) EU wants more power and autonomy, but fearful that if they gain too much power. Us will abandon them. (autonomy vs abandonment) US attitudes toward CSDP : “Yes, but----” from US secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s 3Ds : Decoupling: wants EU to stay aligned with NATO, lack of trust Duplication: CSDP should not duplicate NATO’s capabilities and resources Discrimination: don’t discriminate against non-eu, NATO memberstates 3 major points after 3Ds: Military modernization rather than integration: us don’t want creation of huge EU army. NATO’s primacy go to NATO 1 st . Formal means for dialogue: minimize misunderstandings; allow us in conversation, increase of transatlantic diplomacy to smooth things over. 3IS as counterpart to 3Ds: 1. Improvement 2. Inclusiveness 3. Indivisibility. In favor of CSDP: 1. Isolationist 2. Us war is overstretched; need to improve the integration of EU. Against CSDP: 1. CSDP is empty: not threat to US, because it isn’t strong. Or 2. CSDP is a threat Autonomous EU military Action: “Where the alliance as a whole is not engaged.” St malo 1998 “Without prejudice to actions by NATO” German presidency, first half of 1999. “Where NATO as a whole is not engaged” Finnish President, second half of 1999.
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2D - Reaction to csdp Us reactions is mixed idea of burden...

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