3A - Internal security cooperation transatlantic...

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Internal security cooperation & transatlantic relationship- see Kaunert chapter, terrorism, intelligence, in what areas do the EU and US cooperate on internal security? Passenger name record agreement- initiative means that US and European countries are willing to share personal data about those who are about to fly to and from countries and data can be held for 15 years (Intelligence) Police & law enforcement- EUROPOL (share strategic and technical information and sharing of personal data about suspected terrorists or criminals (opened up info pathways)) Terrorist financing Travel documents: biometric passports, visa waiver program Biometric passports (photo or fingerprint when non-citizens arrive in different country) Visa waver program (newer member states weren’t included and EU pushing for US to agree to include them so they could be seen as a block. But US saw EU as a portal for terrorists to grow and recruit then come to US- eventually agreed) Judicial cooperation Eurojust- agency tries to integrate the way European countries prosecute criminals (shared evidence, central points of contact…) Supranationalism in an Intergovernmental Area? o Europol Supranational actors in the area of o Eurojust Security & Foreign Policy o Commission o o “Supranational intergovernmentalism” o UNEXPECTED o 2004 turning point for the US Impact of 9/11 European Security Strategy- Europe needs to think as a whole, this improved after 9/11 when Europe could not agree on what to do Key points from Readings o Despite overarching transatlantic tension in the wake of 9/11, transatlantic internal security cooperation has grown
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3A - Internal security cooperation transatlantic...

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