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5A - EUMM Georgia Stabilizing and normalizing post-conflict...

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EUMM Georgia, Stabilizing and normalizing post-conflict Georgia Size: 340 monitors and staff Cost : 49.6 Billion Euros Member-state participation: 24 member states Top contributors (in order): Germany, France, Sweden Types of crises that EU has tried to resolve: Settling the conflict between Russia and Georgia: Six Point Agreement Other measures: Establish 4 headquarters throughout Georgia Deploy mission in less than a month Establish Memorandum of Understanding to ensure communication between EU and Georgian institutions as well as limiting activities of Georgian police Subjective questions: Are CSDP operations too limited in scope? No. It is better for the EU to focus on particular problem areas a few at a time. Also, because member states also have other commitments outside the EU, the missions and operations do not require too much from each member state while also helping to spread EU norms of cooperation, democracy, and respect for human rights. Does the EU provide a unique contribution to crisis management?
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