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5C - Questions What do these missions and operations tell...

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Questions - What do these missions and operations tell us about the scope and range of CSDP? a. Size – The missions that are in the Middle East have smaller sizes than those in the African countries. The range is from 30 to 3,700. b. Cost – The missions in the Middle East have smaller costs than those in African countries. The cost of these missions range from 29.1 million to 1 billion. c. Member-state participation – There have been over 16 member states participating in CSDP missions since its inception. Many of them have almost full participation. A member state’s involvement depends on their political stance towards the cause. d. Types of crises the EU has tried to resolve – humanitarian and rescue, peacekeeping, crisis management e. Types of strategies the EU has undertaken i. Afghanistan 1.) After the CMC 2.) Military strategic options 3.) EUMS/EUMC – works on military options 4.) MSOD: Military strategic options directive 5.) Civilian strategic options 6.) CPCC/CIVCOM ii. Iraq 1.) training 2.)
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