6C - CFSP Case Study: The EU & China -The basic aim of...

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CFSP Case Study: The EU & China -The basic aim of CFSP: The EU speaks with one voice in the international community. CFSP objectives as defined in Title V articles of the Maastricht Treaty are as follows: 1) to develop and consolidate democracy and the rule of law, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; 2) to safeguard the common values, fundamental interests, independence and integrity of the Un-ion; 3) to strengthen the security of the Union and its Member States in all ways; 4) to preserve peace and strengthen international security, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter, as well as the principles of the Helsinki Final Act and the objec-tives of the Paris Charter; 5) to promote international cooperation. These objectives are the CFSP’s basic principles, as well as the spirit in which Member States organize cooperation on foreign policy among themselves and their relations with third countries. Unlike the Community policy which confers precisely and limitedly defined competencies to the European Community, the CFSP’s scope is defined broadly. -The goal: if the EU speaks with one voice, it will have greater weight. -We have determined many specific examples throughout the semester- current events, historical situations. Examples of events: 1)The EU at the Shanghai Expo "Trade Days" took place in the wider context of the Commission's participation in the whole Shanghai EXPO from May to September. As the EU is China's main economic partner, the European Commission has accepted the invitation to participate in the event. It shares its pavilion with Belgium, who is currently holding the EU Presidency. The EU pavilion expects 30 000 visitors per day, more than 5 million overall.
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6C - CFSP Case Study: The EU & China -The basic aim of...

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