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o US and EU cooperate on internal security o Passenger name record agreement o Police and law enforcement o Terrorist financing o Travel documents: biometric passports ,visa waiver program o Judicial cooperation o Eurojust – agency that integrates way criminals are prosecuted Created common extradition agreements, shared intelligence o Issuance of EU arrest warrants, defined terrorism o CSDP=US version of Patriot Act o Europol, Eurojost, Commission all bult intergov but actually act supranationally Organised crime The EU would work together – and with countries outside the bloc – to identify and dismantle international criminal networks, protect the economy from organised crime and pass laws allowing authorities to confiscate the proceeds of crime. Terrorism Action would be taken to cut terrorists off from access to funding and materials, protect the EU’s transport infrastructure, and help communities prevent the radicalisation and recruitment of future terrorists. Computer crime
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