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Member-states and the EU: UK, France, Germany, Italy Do member-states approach the EU from different perspectives? Why? o France History: They have a long and extensive history of being one of the main and foremost powers within the Europe, resulting in control and direction over France’s best interest. Identity: France has a powerful (historical) cultural identity that often times clashes with the their powerful EU counterparts. The EU is not inherently French but European, which clashes with historical cultural identity as it has with Italy, Germany, ect. National Interest Taken from a national interest perspective, France and the EU are faced with a serious dilemma. Where the EU once sought to enhance security and economic trade for its member states, the EU is beginning to act as the law ‘setter’ and ‘enforcer,’ creating a more profound democratic deficit within the overall foundation of the EU, while diminishing France’s sovereignty. Desire for a unique role:
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