7H - Member States and the EU: UK, France, Germany, Italy...

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Member States and the EU: UK, France, Germany, Italy Do Member States approach the EU from different perspectives? Why? History o UK: The UK historically approached the EU differently from other member states, because of an inclination of seeing itself as more attached to the US transatlantically, rather then with the EU. o Churchill proposed a United States of Europe, but saw the UK outside of this. o France: France has been the biggest force behind the EU. It has historically sought a balance against US and NATO power in the world. Leader in functionalist voices like Monnet and foundational leaders like Delors. o Germany: was forced to play a leadership role coming out of WWII given West Germany’s stronger economy and steel industries. Germany takes a special perspective towards EU defense as result of its negative impact resulting in WWII. Germany, until 1994, would not allow for its troops to be stationed outside of the sovereign borders. o Germany has been a historical leader in establishing CFSP. Identity o UK: identifies itself as being outside of the Eurozone and outside of Schengen. o France: Desires need to push CSDP forward with more action and less lecture. o Germany: Germany has had an interest in being a leader in contributing defense equipment and troops for battle group and other missions. o Germany identifies by becoming a leading member in the UN security council o Germany had the highest GDP than any other member state in 2009 and is committed to international institutions. National Interest o UK: Many like former Home Secretary Kenneth Baker see the UK as being a sovereign nation outside of the EU and that this should be seen as a privilege, not a burden. o France: Has sought a leading role in a stronger defense outlook. While it seeks the EU to be a stronger security community, it has been one of the leading troop contributors to NATO as well. o Germany: it has been a leader in placing emphasis on the EU first before national interests, such as in stressing the placement of the European Central Bank ahead of national banks. o
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7H - Member States and the EU: UK, France, Germany, Italy...

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