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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: EDITORIAL BLOG ENTRY RESPONSES SHAYQUAN REESE HUM114 LIVING GOOD VS LIVING AT ALL It seems as if the price of living has gone way beyond monetary value. It is more of a catch 22 situations. Without energy and oil we cant do the things that we need to survive however those same components are what is killing this earth all together. Its amazing how we are polluting the earth while destroying lungs and lives to live and then in a few decades the same things that were keeping us alive will be the reason why we are extinct… THE ISSUE: THE RELIANCE OF FOSSIL FUELS, THE “GIANT” OIL SPILL (DESTROYING SPECIES AND MARINE LIFE, RISING WATER LEVELS AND AIR POLLUTION ARE CAUSING MORE COAL BURNING POWERPLANTS TO PRODUCE TOXIC SLUDGE AND SMOKE, FOSSIL FUEL ACCOUNTS FOR MORE THAN 80% OF US GLOBAL WARMING POLLUTION ( Problem/ ) AS STATED…” GLOBAL WARMING IF UNCHECKED, THREATENS TO CHANGE THE PLANET THAT HAS SUSTAINED OUR CIVILIZATION”
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