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HIST 1000 Study Guide – Exam Two Key Terms and Concepts : Equites - Emergence of the Equites (litteraly knights)= rich businessmen = new men O ptimates - supporters of the best Rubicon - River, the official northern boundary of Rome and Italy Roman Legion – needed consistent training, had to be fit enough to carry forty-pound packs up to 20 miles in 5 hours Tetrarchy – subdivided government to allow “rule by four” Punic Wars – three wars fought between Rome and Carthage between 264 and 146 BC. The Romans wanted to expand towards Sicily, which was under Carthaginian control. Rome was victorious at the end of the series of wars that lasted more than one hundred years. Rome was then the most powerful state of the Western Mediterranean. Latifundia pieces of property covering tremendous areas, they were great landed estates, specializing in agriculture destined for export: grain, olive, oil, or wine. They depended on slave labor. Princeps the official title of a Roman Emperor, was first given to Emperor Augustus in 23 BC Aurelian Walls - Emperor Aurelian (270-275) built massive walls to defend Rome (Aurelian Walls) Corvus a weapon used on Roman ships during the first Punic war. It was a boarding device used in naval warfare that allowed soldiers to move from ship to ship during combat. Praetorian Guard – a special force of body guards used by the Roman Emperors. Sassanian Empire – the third Iranian dynasty and the second Persian Empire. Was founded by Ardashir I after defeating the last Parthian king (Artabanus IV) and ended when the last Sassanid King lost a 14 year struggle to drive out the early Islamic Caliphate, and the first of the Islamic empires. First Triumvirate
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Hist_1000_Study_Guide_Two - HIST 1000 Study Guide Exam Two...

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